Five Nights at Freddy’s


Five Nights at Freddy’s

Where do I start? I had never heard about Freddy till I was asked to create this birthday cake.

The easy part was making a cake large enough to cater for 24 people.

This cake was a vanilla sponge cake with white chocolate ganache layers.

  • Next was the red fondant covering the cake – no problem!
  • And the red fondant should also cover the ears
  • Plus red fondant on the mouth
  • And red fondant on the eye patch!

Does Freddy have an eye patch?

Well actually – the character in this cake was not Freddy himself, but another character called Foxy.

If you don’t know anything about Five Nights at Freddy’s – it is an American media franchise created by Scott Cawthon, which began with the eponymous 2014 video game and quickly gained worldwide popularity.

Wikipedia is your and my friend for more information. Click on this link to Five Nights at Freddy’s From Wikipedia,

A reddish-brown animatronic fox with yellow eyes and an elongated snout. He wears an eye patch, which is usually flipped up, and has a hook for a right hand. He looks somewhat damaged, with his endoskeleton exposed in a number of places.

Never underestimate the cunning of a pirate. Or a fox for that matter!

— Foxy, 

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Kelly Lee-Bell